Supercharge Performance Horses



Luna is 17 years old and, as we like to call her, she is a bucket list horse.  She is owned and loved by Katy Maynard, who at 60 years old decided she would own a horse again and ride after a 40 year hiatus from riding.  She then wanted to learn to barrel race and Luna was the perfect horse for her to learn and compete on. Now we are lucky to use Luna for lessons for all levels of riders to build confidence in their horsemanship.

SRR Shes A Chic Image

"Lily" has been a part of team Supercharge for many years and is owned by Donna MacDowell. She has a background in showing but has loved being a lesson horse and is really taking to being a barrel horse. Lily adjusts to the level of her rider very well so she is a very versatile and essential part of our program. 

Gun Smokin Gun

KC is the unicorn of the barn. She is owned by Jennifer Ballard, but loved by everyone who meets her. She has given several riders the chance to compete and gain confidence while doing so. She is currently being leased by Estell, a 13 year old learning to compete. Summer 2020 will be their second season together and we can't wait to see what they accomplish. 

Wranglers Prize Ghost 

Sam is a 9 year old AQHA gelding who is owned by Mary Kaplan and ridden and loved by Katy Maynard. Katy has decided to lease Sam for the 2020 competition season as she has advanced to a faster horse. Sam and Katy are a perfect team and we are so excited to see what they can accomplish in 2020. 

GG Look

GG is a chestnut mare with a lot of personality who is owned by Katy Maynard and is currently being leased by our wonderful assistant Elie Crandall. She is learning the ropes of barrel racing and is gaining confidence and speed with each run. We look forward to seeing what they can accomplish in 2020. 


Cali is being leased and loved by Liz, a 13 year old rider. Cali is a sweet and sensitive 17 year old mare. She can be reactive to cues so she is a great challenge for Liz. Liz and Cali are gaining confidence in competing and gaining speed. We can't wait to watch this team improve.

Ms Montana Twister

Ms Montana Twister, also known as Twister is a 6 year old mare who is currently being leased by Lucy. Twister was previously trained for ranch riding but did not enjoy it very much so we decided to put her on the pattern and see what she thought. Lucky for us, she loves barrels and she is picking it up quickly. In a short amount of time, Lucy and Twister have been gaining lots of experience together and are becoming quite the team! We can't wait to watch these two grow together!