Supercharge Performance Horses

Training and Boarding Rates

Boarding:  All training horses must be kept at Westar Ranch.  $500/mo for full care board with a 12x12 box stall.

2x daily feeding: Premium Alfafalfa and/or Grass hay.

1x daily stall cleaning and auto waterer cleaning.

Trailer parking available and included.


Training Rates:

Full Time Training: $350/mo 

Includes 5-6 training sessions per week and turnout 6 days per week.

Part Time Training: $250/mo

Includes 2-3 training sessions per week.

Lessons: $35/45min  (Lesson horse available)


Showing Rates:

Day fee: $30/day

Includes trainer showing horse, readying horse for show, stall cleaning and feeding at show.

Hauling: $0.50-$0.80/mi, $35 minimum

Banding, braiding, clipping and bathing also available.